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Ambius North America

"As our company grows, so does the need for greater participation and engagement from our front line employees.  We're using the Three Signs material to teach our managers that we, as leaders, really can make a difference in the lives of our people and that we have the ability to inspire our people to greater performance."

Sally Briese


Ambius North America

In an effort to enhance the work environment and reduce turnover for their 1500 employees, Ambius, an interior landscape company, is coaching all of their managers to eliminate the Three Signs, especially at the frontline. The President of Ambius North America, Sally Briese, read the book and was intrigued with the idea that her employees might be missing vital feedback from their managers.

Ambius is using the Three Signs of a Miserable Job Book, Video and Manager's Booklet as tools to enhance the learning experience for their managers so that they will be better equipped to eliminate "misery" altogether at Ambius. They engaged The Table Group to launch the Miserable Job concept and products throughout their entire organization.

American Heart Association

"In our quest to better engage with our employees and help drive the accomplishment of our mission, we are using the concepts from The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. By using this model, we are building a more productive and committed workforce that truly understands how they contribute to the overall success of our organization and the important work that we do."

Sue Stine

Senior Vice President of Human Resources

American Heart Association

Pacific Mountain Affiliate

The senior leadership team at the American Heart Association determined through an employee engagement survey that employees suffered from a lack of clarity and understanding of how their jobs were relevant to the overall mission of the organization. This was a key concern because most of their employees interact with customers daily, and have a direct connection to the organizations ability to achieve their goals.

The American Heart Association began their program by having their Leadership Team read The Three Signs of a Miserable Job. From there, the organization made a full-scale commitment to learning and cascading the model to all their managers. They launched the program company-wide by hiring a Table Group Consulting Partner to introduce and train managers on the model. During the half-day session, the managers watched the Video and used the Manager’s Workbook to develop an action plan for each of their individual staffs.

Since that time, The American Heart Association has enjoyed ample evidence that the model is working for their organization. Managers are now taking time to identify the three signs in relation to each employee’s daily work providing greater role clarity which is translating into higher rates of employee satisfaction. Manager’s efforts to address their own managerial shortcomings are yielding positive results as well. The organization is striving for a 2010 Impact Goal of reducing deaths from coronary heart disease and the Pacific Affiliate is actively building a more engaged, productive, and committed workforce –one that truly understands how they contribute to the overall success of our organization and the important work that we do.

Products Clients Use

The Three Signs of a Miserable Job Book
The Three Signs of a Miserable Job: Video Presentation and Companion Guide
Manager's Booklet