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Organizations succeed because they are both smart and healthy. Smart organizations make the right intellectual decisions, while healthy organizations have the capacity to take advantage of those decisions by minimizing confusion and politics and fostering true productivity and commitment in their employees.

Using their trademark 'naked' approach, Table Group Consultants address issues of organizational effectiveness and teamwork within the context of real business issues, avoiding esoteric and touchy-feely activities that plague too many offsite sessions. By following the foundational model from The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else in Business leadership teams learn how to maximize their potential and seek a unique competitive advantage. With a recent expansion of the consulting practice, the Table Group now has consultants spread throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, Africa, and Europe servicing organizations and teams of all levels and industries.

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Founded in 1997, The Table Group began as a boutique consulting firm focusing on CEO's and their executive teams. Over the years, The Table Group has expanded its service offerings, but continues to remain true to its consulting foundation. Pat Lencioni, Jeff Gibson, our V.P. Consulting, and our Principal Consultants provide a variety of services to a wide range of clients in just about every industry imaginable. Every situation is unique and our consultants customize all their work to tailor each client's particular needs. Consulting sessions draw upon many of Lencioni's models, capsulized in his new release, The Advantage.

The offerings most commonly performed by our consultants include:

The Advantage

Two–day Leadership Team Off–site

Who: Leadership/executive team

What: The hallmark of Table Group Consulting is a two–day off–site intended for an intact leadership team.

Outcome: Consultants will rapidly dive into the four disciplines of a healthy organization found in The Advantage and the team model originated in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team to provoke improvement in team clarity and cohesiveness. This off–site is the starting point for those clients committed to a broader organizational transformation.

Ongoing Team and Leader Coaching

Who: Leadership team/next layer of management

What: As a follow–up to our initial two–day off–site, Table Group Consultants work with teams over time to continue progress and improvement. While the approach will vary by client need, it will usually involve some combination of one–on–one coaching, meeting facilitation/observation, and strategic off-site planning and facilitation.

Outcome: Continued effort to embed organizational health concepts and practices throughout the company.


Who: Several intact teams

What: This seminar allows a number of teams to experience our material simultaneously. The teams will be exposed to the content as a group then break into consultant–led focused discussions.

Outcome: Several teams in an organization hear the same message and work on teamwork together creating shared momentum.

Organizational Roll–out

Who: The entire organization

What: Consulting plays an integral role in an organizational–wide effort. A consultant will manage this multi–tiered effort and utilize a combination of products and services, potentially including: a launch event with Patrick Lencioni, two–day leadership team off–site, on going consulting, training, integration of Table Group products, and train–the–trainer sessions.

Outcome: Multi–tiered on–going effort to ensure organizational health is developed and sustained throughout an organization.

Our Approach

Naked Approach

While our original models around teamwork, leadership and organizational health attract clients to our consulting services, our unique approach plays a critical role in their satisfaction and ultimately their success. Using the approach outlined in our book, Getting Naked: a Business Fable about Shedding the Three Fears that Sabotage Client Loyalty, our consultants influence change by adhering to the ‘naked’ approach pioneered at our firm.

According to the model, Table Group Consultants:

  • Are willing to ask tough questions and explore difficult situations in order to effectively serve a client. Our consultants are concerned with building trust and loyalty with clients and do not withhold information in Fear of Losing the Business.
  • Actively propose ideas and insights in order to prompt new thinking—even if they turn out to be incorrect. By overcoming the Fear of Being Embarrassed, our consultants never hold back ideas that could ultimately assist in client development.
  • Do not fall prey to The Fear of Feeling Inferior. Consultants humbly invest themselves in helping their clients and are willing to do whatever they need them to do to improve—even if that calls for the consultant to be overlooked.

Beyond the Approach

Our sessions address teamwork and organizational health concerns within the context, challenges and issues that an organization is currently facing. Rather than using theoretical case studies, we discuss real organizational challenges in the course of building a team. In the end, everything we do is focused on building a lasting competitive advantage for our clients.

Clients can expect our Consulting and Training engagements to be:

  • Practical – Our services are designed to produce tangible benefits. Nothing we do is overly theoretical or academic.
  • Relevant – Every service we offer is customized and grounded in the strategic and tactical realities of our clients' businesses.
  • Fast – Because our clients are busy, we work quickly and keep executives engaged and focused on key issues.

Prospective clients can be assured that all of our consultants were selected and trained based on their ability to adhere to these high standards.

Naked Consulting model


To bring about organization-wide change, our consultants provide training sessions to groups of managers who want to become better leaders. Training sessions are designed to equip managers with practical knowledge, tools and an action plan designed to yield rapid, meaningful change.

Transform Your Team

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team training sessions teach managers the skills, disciplines and requirements for effective teamwork. With several different training formats available, managers will leave a training session with the skills necessary for effective team leadership. Options include:

Power Session

This half-day workshop will introduce managers to the Five Dysfunctions model and exercises. Participants will leave with several quick, effective tools designed to jumpstart team effectiveness.

Full Day Workshop

Managers will experience a series of short interactive lectures and table discussions designed to challenge them in their leadership role. Each participant will take a team assessment identifying strengths and areas of improvement for their team, as well as learning specific exercises to address their team's needs.

Implementation Training

Beyond learning models, principles, and tools, this hands on session teaches managers how to lead their own teams through the Five Dysfunctions material. Managers will learn how to facilitate a Five Dysfunctions offsite and lead discussions that will ultimately transform their team.

Library of Books

Engage Your Employees

Training sessions around The Three Signs of a Miserable Job helps managers create a fulfilled and engaged workforce. With staff levels the leanest they have ever been, job satisfaction at its lowest level in years and employees stressed with overwhelming workloads, addressing employee engagement and commitment has never been more important. Training options include:

Management Training Sessions

In this half-day session, managers will receive the tools and guidance needed to transform their workforce. Participants will better understand the requirements of job fulfillment, assess their own management style, learn how to foster commitment, productivity and morale and create an action plan.


For those internal trainers or facilitators that would like to roll-out a program within their organization around The Five Dysfunctions of a Team or The Three Signs of a Miserable Job, our consultants can conduct a comprehensive, interactive train-the-trainer workshop. For more information call our office at 925-299-9700.

Our Clients

Partial Client List







Barclaycard US

Barnes & Noble

Boeing - Rocketdyne

Brown & Toland


Cox Communications


Driscoll's Berries

FedEx Freight



Indianapolis Power & Light

Kaiser Permanente

Los Alamos National Laboratory




New York Life


San Francisco 49ers

Silicon Valley Bank

Southwest Airlines

Takeda Pharmaceuticals




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What Clients Say

Selected Reviews

Substance Over Style

"Bringing any consultant in to work with an executive team of a public company is always a risk. With The Table Group, that risk was rewarded many times over. Their straight forward, substance-over-style approach has made a tremendous difference in our team's effectiveness. These guys are good."

— Jeff Lamb
Vice President People and Leadership Development
Southwest Airlines

Positioned for a Great Year

"Our two-day session made a greater impact on our executive time—and our entire organization—than any team building work we have ever experienced. We are now positioned to have a great year."

— Noel Williams
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer
HCA, Inc.

Significant Impact

"Working with The Table Group has brought a significant impact to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of America. Their straightforward, practical approach has helped us bring the organization together, which is critical for us to continue granting wishes and helping families. They focus on utilizing our strengths while addressing the key challenges we face, allowing us to prepare for the future."

— Paula Van Ness
President & CEO
Make-A-Wish Foundation of America

Flexible Approach

"The Table Group's ability to understand our business is what sets them apart from other organizational consulting firms. Rather than apply some rote methodology, they quickly adapted to our working style and the needs of our team."

— Rick Friedel
Regional Vice President
AT&T Business Services

Strategic Focus

"I have worked with a number of organizational consultants throughout my career, but I've never come across a firm like The Table Group. They delivered exactly what we needed and truly understood the strategic issues our team faced. Their work continues to benefit us today."

— Phil Hildebrand
Executive Vice President and Co-Head of Life and Annuity
New York Life Insurance Company

Breath of Fresh Air

"The Table Group's straightforward, simple approach to teamwork is a breath of fresh air compared to all of the 'touchy-feely' team activities that many executives, like me, have come to dread."

— Skip Dunn
Aon Risk Services

Our Consultants

Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni

As president of The Table Group, Pat continues to consult with several select clients each year.  Having started his career at Bain & Company, Pat is a consultant at heart and is energized by taking executive teams through his models.  Clients who have engaged his services include Southwest Airlines, Cox Communications, Genentech, HCA and New York Life, just to name a few.  Additionally, Pat spends considerable time writing his highly acclaimed leadership fables and speaking to large associations and organizations.

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Jeff Gibson

Jeff Gibson

As the vice president of consulting, Jeff brings over 15 years of consulting experience to The Table Group where he has responsibility for managing our global consulting organization, as well as new business development and all aspects of client service. Whether he's working with a CEO and his or her leadership team, addressing hundreds of senior executives during a conference or workshop, or simply counseling a client over the phone, Jeff brings his passion, enthusiasm and contagious optimism for organizational health to every client he touches.

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Amy Hiett

Amy Hiett

As general manager of The Table Group, Amy’s primary responsibility is to manage the multiple priorities of the business. In addition to her role as general manager, Amy works in the field with clients and assists Pat and Jeff in applying the concepts captured in Pat Lencioni’s books. As a co-founder of The Table Group, Amy is instrumental in setting the overall direction of the company and, like most of the staff at The Table Group, works closely with Pat on the development of his books.

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Principal Consultants

Al Amador

Al Amador
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 925.787.9571
E-Mail: Al Amador

Hrishi Baskaran

Hrishi Baskaran
Ontario, Canada
Tel: 519.841.8457
E-Mail: Hrishi Baskaran

Bob Bernatz, Ph.D.

Bob Bernatz
Newport Beach, CA
Tel: 949.706.1274
E-Mail: Bob Bernatz

Pam Bilbrey

Pam Bilbrey
Pensacola, FL
Tel: 850.572.3750
E-Mail: Pam Bilbrey

Gordon Blocker

Gordon Blocker
Dallas, TX
Tel: 214.907.2442
E-Mail: Gordon Blocker

Debbie Ellisen

Debbie Ellisen
Palo Alto, CA
Tel: 650.714.0309
E-Mail: Debbie Ellisen

James Felton

James Felton
Scottsdale, AZ
Tel: 480.395.4300
E-Mail: James Felton

Brad Haynes

Brian Jones
Germantown, TN
Tel: 901.896.6747
E-Mail: Brad Haynes

Chris Jenson

Brian Jones
Portland, OR
Tel: 503.715.5467
E-Mail: Chris Jenson

Brian Jones

Brian Jones
Gulf Breeze, FL
Tel: 850.712.7828
E-Mail: Brian Jones

Kristine Kern

Brian Jones
New York, NY
Tel: 646.675.3242
E-Mail: Kristine Kern

Michael Lorsch

Michael Lorsch
Mesa, AZ
Tel: 480.363.3806
E-Mail: Michael Lorsch

Glenn Lyday

Glenn Lyday
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415.279.9080
E-Mail: Glenn Lyday

Mike McHargue

Mike McHargue
Boise, ID
Tel: 208.866.8622
E-Mail: Mike McHargue

Rick Packer

Rick Packer
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 678.546.5477
E-Mail: Rick Packer

Pat Richie

Pat Richie
Houston, TX
Tel: 925.785.2433
E-Mail: Pat Richie

John Rodriguez

John Rodriguez
Dublin, CA
Tel: 510.543.4250
E-Mail: John Rodriguez

David Ross

David Ross
Thousand Oaks, CA
Tel: 805.217.6716
E-Mail: David Ross

Russ Sabia

Russ Sabia
Belmont, MA
Tel: 617.489.3009
E-Mail: Russ Sabia

Shelly Setzer

Shelly Setzer
Denver, CO
Tel: 719.660.3961
E-Mail: Shelly Setzer

Mary Silva Doctor

Mary Silva Doctor
Nashville, TN
Tel: 615.686.0327
E-Mail: Mary Silva Doctor

David Simpson

David Simpson
Dallas, TX
Tel: 401.965.6111
E-Mail: David Simpson

Rick Van Arnam

Brian Jones
Northfield, VT
Tel: 802.595.1619
E-Mail: Rick Van Arnam

Josh Weeks

Brian Jones
San Diego, CA
Tel: 858.527.2822
E-Mail: Josh Weeks

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